Midwestern Redbook

The Midwestern Redbook (01/01/23) is a PDF copy of the MW By-Laws, current Policies and Procedures, and an Appendix of forms for MW usage. It is most often referred to as the Redbook, which referred to the red binder of many years ago. Currently the format is an 8 1/2 x 11 page format, updated and published annually in January, and now distributed only electronically via the MW website. It is recommended that all clubs, HOD/BOD members, officials, and coaches print a copy for reference. The document is divided into three parts - the Midwestern By-Laws, the Midwestern Policies and Procedures, and the MW Forms. The forms can be printed and used for all MW purposes.

Part I of the Redbook is the Midwestern Bylaws  (01/01/23) updated annually with any changes required by USA Swimming. Bylaws were completely redone in 2019 as per USA Swimming.

Part II of the Redbook is the Midwestern Policies and Procedures (01/01/23)/ The policies within this document are currently the policies of Midwestern Swimming updated annually.

      Updated policies from BOD and HOD Meetings (2023):


Part III of the Redbook is the Midwestern Forms (01/01/23) section which can also be downloaded as a separate document. Print the forms for quick availability.

It also has been determined that documents published elsewhere (MW records, MW Club lists, MW BOD and HOD minutes, MW meet schedules, and MW time standards) will not be included in this document.

2023 Mini Rulebook                        2023 USA Swimming Rulebook

Commonly Used Forms and Documents
SAVE the files. The 'typewriter' tool should be available to complete the forms.
   Meet Documents Times Documents
      Request/Bid for Meet   Current USA Times Policy Manual
      Sanction Application   No request needed for use of observed times.
      Request for Meet Approval   No request needed for use of approved times.


   Athlete Documents

   Outreach Athlete Reimbursement request
       (Current January 1, 2022)

     Request for Athlete Travel Reimbursement
       (Current January 1, 2022)

   USA Swimming Documents  

   USA Swimming Online Report of Occurrence

USA Swimming Sanction Appeal Handbook