Safe Sport at Swim Meets & Meet 360

Implement a Safe Sport environment at a meet can be simple using the following guide. Meet 360 is designed for meet hosts, meet directors, meet referees and meet organizers. This guide is intended to assist in creating a safe environment for all who attend, and will aid in implementing preventative Safe Sport measures before, during and after a meet, addressing Safe Sport concerns, and complying with the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.

Signage at Meets (Click to download)

No Phones in Locker Rooms & Behind the Blocks

Where to post: Entrance of locker rooms, near mirrors in locker rooms, behind the blocks visible to all participants

No Deck Changing

Where to post: Near pool deck entrances, in team areas on the pool deck

Not an Approved Changing Area

Where to post: Public restrooms or other areas where athletes are prohibited from changing (i.e. not a locker room)

Respect the Boundaries (Massages, Rubdowns, Athletic Training)

Where to post: In team seating areas, athletic training rooms

Locker Room Conduct

Where to post: Locker rooms

Recognize, Respond & Report

Where to post: Pool deck, spectator seating, crash room, restrooms, locker rooms


Additional Resources & Templates

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Meet Announcements

Help to increase awareness and reduce the risk of abuse in swimming through the Safe Sport program by reminding all participants about Safe Sport policies & procedures.