Greetings!! We are excited to announce we will be offering a summer swim season for Storm starting MONDAY (6/21)!!! We will be opening registration Monday 5/17  to all Jersey Storm returning swimmers. Registration for new swimmers will open on Friday 5/21.


Please note: We will be swimming at Country Pool located at 73 Waln Rd Chesterfield NJ 08515. Our season will run from 6/21-9/4.


Due to social distancing guidelines, we can only guarantee 8 spots within each training group.   If you are interested in the team but the guaranteed spots are filled, please sign up for a waitlist spot.  We are going to do our best to try to get people off the waitlist and onto the team spots.  


Please see the attached document for the summer practice hours.  All practices will be held in the early morning. 


2021 Summer Schedule.xlsx - Google Sheets 


Please note, there is a chance we will be able to use Country Pool in the afternoons for the first three weeks of June(6/1-6/18 M-F) from 4-5pm. That is not included in the google sheet as we are not confirmed yet. Country Pool will notify me in the next few days.


There will be a one time fee associated with the summer season.  Your account will be billed on 7/1 with this fee and will cover all of June, July, August and September 1-4.


Senior- $370

Junior- $325

Gold- $275

Silver- $230

Bronze- $190

Mini- $150


*This fee does not include a charge for the dates of 6/1-6/18 as we have not been able to confirm the usage of Country Pool at the time of this email. If we do end up being able to use Country Pool in the afternoons from 6/1-6/18, the following fees will be added to the above total. If we are not able to use Country Pool during those first 3 weeks of June, the above fee is what you will be charged.




Gold- $30





 Registration for this summer season will close Friday (6/18). At this time, registration is only available for current Jersey Storm members.  We will be accepting new members beginning Friday 5/21.

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