Time Standards 2019

Jack Bower

Senior Champs:
The site and host of Senior Champs will change this year from years past. LAC will host Senior Champs at Franklin and Marshall. The Senior Committee, Tech Planning Committee, and the Director of Competition agreed that the two-venue ability at F&M provides more options as we begin to manage a growing meet, which is up to around 700 athletes in 2018 from 400 athletes in 2014. With this being the first year at a new venue, the decision was made to keep the time standards the same as last year. The meet will likely increase from last year, and we can use the results of this year’s Senior Champs to begin to manage this meet in accordance with the direction desired by the Senior Committee and the Director of Competition. 

Junior Olympics:
The AG Committee, the Tech Planning Committee, and the Director of Competition all elected to keep the Spring JO time standards the same for this year. Last year we lightened the time standards with the intent on adding more 10&U and 11-12 boys. It was a successful move.  The AG Committee believes there is still room for the meet to grow slightly, which was the basis for electing to keep the time standards the same.

Silver Champs:
For the first time, all venues from Spring Silver Champs will be returning as site hosts. GPAC, DST, UDAC, and CYA will again host a Spring Silver Champs.  Because all venues will be returning, the capacity for the meet remains the same. As such, the AG Committee, the Tech Planning Committee, and the Director of Competition all elected to keep the time standards for Silvers the same. 
Although the time standards will remain the same, we also elected to add a LCM range for the time standards. Not having a LCM time range last year presented some issues, and it is our opinion that having the LCM time range will resolve those issues.

Bronze Champs:
For two years we have requested to receive a second bid on Bronze Champs predicting that the meet would outgrow a one-venue location. We did not receive another bid, and the meet is at its maximum capacity, so we had to go with plan-B. 
For the first time MA Bronze Champs will have a bottom cut. This means that swimmers must now qualify for Bronze Champs. In the past, if swimmers did not achieve the Silver Champs Time Standard they were automatically qualified for Bronze Champs if they did not have an NT in the event. 
This required a project to study the previous years of Bronze Champs and come up with a time standard range that would control the size of the meet with reasonable predictability.
We studied the last three years of Bronze Champs and established the SCY time standard ranges. Then we had to convert those ranges to SCM and LCM. As you will see, this added a great deal of data to the time standard charts. This significantly increased the amount of proofing necessary. It was a long process, but we believe that we are ready to go. 
We are looking forward to an awesome season, and we can’t wait to see the coaches and athletes rise to the occasion and push the envelope in true Middle Atlantic fashion. 

2019 MA Senior Championship Qualifying Times