Memorial Day Practice and Summer Schedule

Jack Bower

There will be no practice on the following dates this summer: 5/27 (Memorial Day) and 7/4 (4th of July).

We will start the summer schedule on Monday 6/17*:
Senior II: Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm swim, Monday-Thursday 7pm-8pm drylands
Senior I: Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm swim, Monday-Thursday 7pm-7:40pm drylands
Junior: Monday-Friday 5pm-6:30pm swim, 6:30pm-7pm drylands
Gold: Monday-Thursday 5:25pm-5:45pm drylands, 5:45pm-7pm swim
Silver: Monday-Thursday 5:45pm-6pm drylands, 6pm-7pm swim
 Monday-Thursday 6pm-6:15pm drylands, 6:15pm-7pm swim

*Times will only be followed if at outdoor pool. If at indoor pool, times remain same as winter (days of the week will follow above schedule).