June Newsletter and May Swimmers of the Month

Jack Bower
Jun 15, 2019

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Congratulations to our May Swimmers of the Month:

Addy Mull-Silver

The Silver Swimmer of the Month is Addy Mull. She has worked hard to improve her stroke mechanics and led her lane many times this past month. Addy also took charge in land drills and excelled, many times she passed the other swimmers in running laps. Great Job! Hope she continues working to improve herself.

Jaxon Walsh- Gold

Jaxon has continued to work hard this spring and has really developed into a leader in the Gold group. He has taken everything the coaches have told him and applied it to his strokes and has seen a great improvement in his swimming the last few months. As always, he has continued to kick butt in drylands. Congratulations Jaxon!

Kaili Walsh- Junior

Kaili has made a ton of improvement in her stroke work and her endurance since joining the Junior group. She has really taken the extra work given to her by Coach Tiff and used it to become a much stronger swimmer. If she keeps it up, she will continue to improve at an exciting pace, we can’t wait to see where she ends up.