Jersey Storm Excellence

We are committed to excellence. We have a burning desire to succeed.

We believe that excellence is only achieved through commitment, self-discipline, and hard work.

     There is no easy road to excellence

We believe that excellence is a way of life. Swimming is one aspect of a life well and beautifully 


We have high expectations of ourselves and of those around us.

We can do anything we set our minds to.

We believe in our own capabilities. We refuse to limit ourselves by thinking small.

We are not normal, or average, or mediocre, and we will not pretend to be.

We rise above the crowd. We are not afraid to distinguish ourselves.

We never settle for mediocrity.

We are never satisfied. We know it can always be done just a little bit better. We are in quest of


We are improving every day, getting fitter, stronger, faster, tougher, smarter and better.

We enjoy our excellence, working hard, testing ourselves, improving, and excelling. We push

   the envelope daily.

We become worthy by striving after high and worthy goals.


Jersey Storm Pride

We are proud to be members of the Jersey Storm Swim Team

We all work to make Jersey Storm a team we can be proud of.

Each swimmer is responsible for the success of the team.

Each swimmer is responsible for the reputation of the team, so we carry ourselves with dignity, 

   knowing our behavior and our words reflect on our teammates.

We treat one another the way we wish to be treated-with respect.

We behave like ladies and gentlemen.

We don’t whine when we lose, and we don’t gloat when we win. We embody quiet confidence.

We are confident because we have done everything right, we have done more than was asked, 

   and we are physically and mentally stronger than the rest. We are Jersey Storm.


Jersey Storm Unity

We support our own and our teammates’ excellence.

We encourage positive peer pressure: We help our teammates to be their best.

Every swimmer on this team is important and has a role to play in helping the team reach its 


We respect one another. We value one another. We look for the good in one another.

We know that teams only succeed when their members pull for and care for one another.

Champions hang around champions.


Jersey Storm Responsibility

We set a good example for others to follow.

We make no excuses.

We take responsibility for our actions. We don’t look for someone else to blame.

We make things happen. We are in control of our destinies.

We don’t hope for miracles. We create them by hard work.

We leave nothing to chance.


Jersey Storm Persistence and Dedication

We are in for the long haul. We don’t look for quick fixes or instant gratification. We know there 

   is no substitute for hard work.

Success is determined by thousands of daily decisions to excel.

Anyone can set goals; we are special because we are willing to work to achieve our goals.

We make our daily decisions guided by our long-term swimming goals.

We embody consistent persistence. We finish what we start.


Jersey Storm Courage

We relish challenges.

We see opportunities everywhere. And we take advantage of them.

We know that succeeding means taking risks. We are not afraid of losing, because we learn

   volumes from every loss.

We value the worthy opponent above all others; he/she alone pushes us to our limits and shows us our weaknesses. He/she brings out our best and helps us become better.