NCA Holiday Coin Drive & Dreams for Change

Admin NCA

NCA – Thank You!

Take a minute away from our news, covid, and other daily activities, and find some joy from NCA’s help.

The NCA Holiday Coin Drive raised $800 for safe parking program.

$200 for a Discount Tires / $100 O’Reilly Auto Parts

2 x 100 Pre-paid Visa Cards  / 6 x $50 Arco Gas Cards

These gift cards (your coins) will go directly to people in need using the safe parking lots that Dreams for Change supports. We will try to give you more specific updates about the families that these gifts will help in the future.

Hope we can do more to help in the future! There is a real need for help and awareness. Please share with others that may be able to help Dreams for Change too.

Thanks again….GO NCA!