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2022-23 ATOM Pre Team Program

PRE TEAM IS A 9 1/2&U PROGRAM.  The purpose of our pre team is to help swimmers learn the skills they need in order to join our competitive team in the future.  Swimmers will learn age appropriate techniques and skills to further their swimming in a positive environment, taught by a coach with years of experience. Pre team requires a tryout and an invitation to join.  Currently all of our tryouts are full.  If there are still slots available after August 5, we are happy to schedule a tryout to see what is the best fit.  Please contact Coach Stephanie at [email protected] with any questions. 

The cost is $225/session.  There will also be an additional $80 fee to register with USA Swimming (one time, not per session).  We would love for you to be involved in as many sessions as you would like. 

The Pre Team Schedule is as follows: this program meets twice a week (usually one week night and Saturdays mid-day).  Schedule is determined in August for the 2022-23 season.  A tryout is required for consideration. 

This program requires a tryout.  Pre Team is a 9 1/2&U program and requires a swimmer to be able to complete a 25 (1 lap) of free (with side breathing) and back and have some sort of knowledge of breast or fly (even if it is illegal, we like for them to have an idea and attempt a few strokes of it).  Pre Team meets twice a week (one week night to be determined and Saturday early afternoon).  Local swim meets are offered, but not required. 

Session 1: September 12-October 22 REQUIRES A TRYOUT AND INVITATION TO JOIN