Group Information 2016 - 2017

BadFish Stroke Skool

This is the most basic group on our team and a GREAT place to start for swimmers who want to improve their strokes and get ready for the next level but who aren’t quite ready to commit to “year round” swimming or who need just a little bit more work on their strokes before they can start.  This group only meets once a week and its focus is purely on stroke instruction and technique.  This group is for swimmers 10 & under who can swim at least 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke in some form.  We will teach them everything else!!!!

Age Group White

This is our entry-level group and is perfect for swimmers that are new to year round swimming.  Swimmers in this group focus almost entirely on stoke technique, individual improvement, proper practice etiquette and FUN!   While in this group, swimmers will learn the competitive form of all four strokes and the individual medley.  They will also learn starts, turns and finishes for these strokes.  These skills will provide the foundation for a well-rounded athlete. This group will practice two times a week for approximately one hour and attendance is strongly encouraged.

Age Group Red

This is our intermediate level practice group.  Swimmers in this group should have a working knowledge of all four competitive strokes and be able to perform them legally for at least 25-50 yards.  They should also be familiar with basic starts, finishes and turns.  While in this group swimmers will continue to focus on the four basic components from AG white (technique, improvement, practice etiquette and FUN!!).  In addition to these, swimmers will be introduced to more advanced technique, basic practice structure and basic workouts.  This group will meet three times a week for approximately one hour and attendance at two of the three practices is strongly recommended. 

Age Group Black

This is our most advanced practice group for our age group program.  Swimmers in this group have mastered all four strokes, are comfortable swimming them at any age-appropriate distance and have made swimming one of their sports of concentration.  Swimmers will focus on aerobic conditioning, training cycles and advanced stroke technique.  This group will meet five times a week for approximately an hour and a half with attendance at three of the practices expected and monitored.


Our senior group is our overall highest training group.  Swimmers in this group have made swimming one of their sports of concentration.  We will focus on aerobic conditioning, advanced stroke technique, teamwork and developing a strong work ethic.  This will help us to develop not only a strong swimmer but also a well rounded and self disciplined young adult.   Seniors will meet five - six times a week.  The practices will last 2 – 3 hours.  This will include a strong dry land training program 3 – 5 days a week as well as the work in the pool.  Each swimmer will have agreed upon predetermined attendance requirement that will be monitored.  Members of the Senior group will be required to attend a minimum of four practices each week.  There is some flexibility in this requirement if the swimmer is participating in a school sport or has other school-related conflicts.