Training Groups 

Our program is designed for all ages and all skill levels. The groups are designed to be age and skill appropriate. The program is designed so that each swimmer will be able to progress from one level to the next once the age and skills needed have been achieved. 

Blues I: This group practices 3-4 times per week and is our introductory group to the sport of swimming. Athletes in this group can swim 25 yards unassisted and have a grasp of Freestyle and Backstroke. These athletes compete in competitions regionally once per quarter. This group has a blast learning drills and proper mechanics while learning to master the clock. Blues I athletes enjoy all the spirit and energy that comes with being on a team. 

  • Advancement Requirements to move to the  Blues I Bridge group: 
    • 12x50 FR @ 1:00
    • 18x25 Kick @ :40 - any stroke. 
    • Fundamentals: Butterfly swim with excellent kick.
    • Fundamentals of Breaststroke swim with a legal kick.  

Blues Bridge: The group that bridges the gap between Blues I and Blues II, the bridge group practices for an hour and a half four days per week. This group continues to build on fundamentals and mechanics learned in Blues I while preparing athletes to transition fully to Blues II. This group introduces athletes to a competitive mindset and is designed to help them develop focus and determination needed for competition. These athletes compete regionally once per quarter.

  • Advancement Requirements to move to the  Blues II group: 
    • 4x100 IM @ 1:35
    • 6x100 FR @ 1:30
    • 18x25 Kick @ :35
    • Proper technique in all four of the competitive strokes, turns and racing starts.

Blues II: This group is largely for athletes 14 and Under seeking to qualify for Age Group Championships. Athletes in this group practice up to five times per week for up to two hours at a time. The group is focused on building their aerobic base and gaining the mental toughness and stamina needed for regional and state level competitions on average of once per month. 

  • Advancement to Blues III advancement criteria: 
    • 4x100 IM @ 1:35
    • 6x100 FR @ 1:20
    • 18x25 Kick @ :30
    • 13 years of age

Blues III: This group is open for High School aged athletes looking to improve in the pool and advance their swim career. The group builds on the principles of learning and mastering proper technique across the four strokes, racing starts and turns while building and increasing aerobic capacity and endurance. The group also focuses on developing the mental drive and focus required for next level success. Blues III athletes practice up to five times per week for up to two hours. Athlete should attend at least 4 practices per week.

  • Blues Elite advancement criteria: 
    • 4x100 IM @ 1:25
    • 6x100 FR @ 1:15
    • 18x25 @ :25 Kick
    • 85% attendance is required to move to Blues Elite.

Blues Elite: The Blues Elite Practice group is for athletes searching to achieve their highest peak potential. These athletes swim 6-8 times per week and are focused on doing what it takes for success at Senior Champs, High School States, Sectionals, Futures,  Junior Nationals and beyond. Athletes in this group work to continue to develop a committed lifestyle and follow a rigorous training plan. Athletes in Blues Elite develop the mindset that through hard work, focus and proper preparation, anything is possible. These athletes have aspirations of swimming in college.

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