The Brunswick Aquatic Club (BAC) is a parent-run, competitive club, emphasizing individual and team growth. The BAC Gators Swim Team embraces all levels of competitive swimmers, providing every athlete with the best possible environment and resources that will allow each athlete to progress from novice to the highest levels of competition. We promote excellence at all levels, foster outstanding volunteer support, and aim to develop the character and self- discipline necessary to succeed not only in swimming, but also in life away from the pool. 

Our Vision

To become a world-class competitive swim team.

Our Mission

To empower Brunswick County's emerging generations to be the best they can be, for a lifetime in and out of the water.  While providing a safe and supportive environment for a competitive swimming regiment, our swimmers are able to develop a positive self image while learning commitment, leadership, and goal setting skills.

Our Philosophy

Be the best you can be!

The BAC Gators Swim Team is committed to guiding and directing athletes toward maximum development of their talents and abilities. Our coaching staff endeavors to teach, train, and motivate young people to achieve their ultimate potential in swimming, in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow and develop.

Our program strives to instill in young swimmers an understanding of, and appreciation for, such concepts as:

  • self-esteem,

  • personal accountability,

  • self-discipline,

  • goal setting, and

  • goal achievement.

It is our belief that the road to success is as important as success itself.

At each level of the Gators program, swimmers are encouraged to:

  • strive for personal excellence,

  • work as hard as they can, and

  • become the best they are capable of becoming.

This philosophy is consistent throughout our program, and every swimmer, from novice to Olympian, is encouraged to be the best they can be.

Also, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit (application pending) charitable organization, the BAC endeavors to provide financial assistance to those who qualify.

Registration Fees & Membership Dues

Registration Fees are $110 per swimmer. This includes USA-Swimming membership, Insurance Fee, 2 team t-shirts, and a Gator swim cap.

Swim team monthly fees are due on the 1st of each month. A 10% late fee will be assessed for payments received after the 15th day of the month. 

BAC offers four swim team levels that are based upon the skill and committment level of each athlete. The Coaches assess each swimmer and make a determination as to which team they should be placed within. 

White Group -  Swim Team Monthly Dues are $68 per month.

Green Group - Swim Team Monthly Dues are $80 per month.

Gray Group - Swim Team Monthly Dues are $88 per month.

Black Group -  Swim Team Monthly Dues are $80 per month.

Silver Group 1 - Swim Team Monthly Dues are $108 per month. (includes 1 BCC Exercise class per week)

Silver Group 2 - Swim Team Monthly Dues are $123 per month. (includes 1 BCC Exercise class per week)

All Swimmers must become members of Dinah E Gore Fitness & Aquatic Center.  Brunswick Aquatic Club receives a corporate discount on all membership.

BAC offers a flat $10 discount/month for the third swimmer in a family and each additional sibling thereafter.