MSA Masters


Who are We?

MSA Masters is a group of adults 18 and over that train together at the MSA Training Center at Tom Short and at our Indian Trail facility. Our group values fitness, friendship and fun!!!! You can be either a beginner swimmer, a swimmer that swam decades ago, or an experienced swimmer to get benefits from our program.


Our group is comprised of novice swimmers through swimmers with an extensive background in the sport.  Our members use swimming as a part of a heathy lifestyle first and foremost! Beyond the fitness aspect we have members who compete in triathlon at the entry level through the World Championship level. We also have a strong contingent of competitive pool swimmers that like to race in pool competitions throughout the year. Our masters group also has a strong group of open water enthusiasts.


What are the workouts like?

The workouts are geared toward each level of ability. Athletes will be taught how to train on intervals appropriate for each level. Swimmers of like ability train together anywhere two to five swimmers in a lane. Each workout has a warm-up, a learning section, a heartrate section, a main set and a cooldown. The idea is for every athlete to leave the workout knowing he/she is swimming better which will lead to increased fitness and speed. For our most novice swimmers,  the workouts are adjusted to fit the needs of relatively new swimmers.


What do I need to do to see if I am ready to swim Masters?

Contact Head Masters Coach Patty Waldron ([email protected]) or 704-622-4989 for more information. Potential new members are welcome to come and try a couple weeks of workouts to see if we are a good fit!!!! Trying our workouts costs you nothing but your time. Don’t let the name Masters intimidate you….come swim with us today!!!!!


How much does this cost?

1)2021-22 Monthly Training Dues:

  • MSA Masters @ Tom Short: $65.00 per month

  • MSA Masters @ Indian Trail $52.50 per month

2)USMS (United States Masters Swimming) Membership. All MSA Masters swimmers will need to be members of USMS. The current registration fee is $61.00 and is valid through December.

3)2021-22 Annual MSA Masters Program Registration Fee: $55.00, includes team tee, team cap, masters cap, sticker and car magnet

When are the workouts?

2021-22 Masters Schedule


MSA Masters @ MSA Swim Center Tom Short

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:15am-6:45am, 7:00am-8:15am, 8:30am-9:45am

Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am-9:45am


MSA Masters @ Indian Trail

Monday 5:15am-6:30am

Tuesday and Thursday 5:15am-6:30am and 6:45pm-8:00am

For more information contact Patty Waldron [email protected] 704-622-4989

Equipment Needs: (listed in priority of need)

Training fins, buoy, kickboard, paddles, front end training snorkel and nose-clip. Equipment can be purchased through Amazon,, or in a local shop such as the Dicks, or Omega sports.