SECTION 1- Organization: The registered business name for the LLC is Club Kick Start (CKS).  CKS is a coach owned for profit competitive swim club for school- age children. 


SECTION 2 - Affiliation: CKS is a member in good financial standing with USA Swimming and Swim NC.  CKS is a self-sustaining for profit organization, administered and financially supported by its own members and Head Coach through dues, contributions from fundraising, service charges, and fees.


SECTION 3 – VISION:To inspire athletes through the sport medium of competitive swimming to believe in themselves so that they can be successful and unleash their full potential both in and out of the water in a fun and safe environment. MISSION: Club Kick Start (CKS) coaches deliver a swim curriculum that streamlines the advancement of swimming skills and mentors the athlete by providing opportunity for individual growth in a fun and safe environment. Club Kick Start (CKS) is a swim school that prepares athletes to be advanced swim athletes. 


SECTION 4 – Purpose:

a. To produce the highest quality future citizens;

b. To produce the highest quality swim team possible;

c. To produce the elite competitive age swimmers;

d. D. To provide excellence in every aspect of the CKS;

e. E. To allow swimmers to experience success as a competitive athlete both in and out of the water in fun and safe sport environment


SECTION 1 – Eligibility and Term:



SECTION 1 – Types of Members:

  1. Age Group Swimmers: Those age group persons who meet the minimum ability criteria for competitive swimming and whom are in good financialy standing with CKS, Swim North Carolina and USA Swimming.  For those swimmers 18 yrs and older to have a clear USA Swimming background check.
  2. Parents: Parents of active swimmers. Parent members are the only members authorized to vote.

c.   Volunteers: Those personnel who do not fall within the other categories but who do contribute their time and talent during the season or specific events to further the objectives of CKS.

d.   Coach: Active USA Swimming coach certification that includes clear background check and MAAPP Safe Sport training.


SECTION 3 – Responsibilities of swimmers:

a. To follow USA Swimming code of conduct for swimmers;

b. Display good sportsmanship and respect for coaches, teammates, facilities, and all

CKS members;

c. Attend and actively participate in practices, swim meets, and CKS events;

e. Abide by the rules and regulations of Swim North Carolina and USA Swimming, for those swimmers 18 yrs and older to have a clear USA Swimming background check and completed MAAPP training per USA Swimming membership requirements.



SECTION 4 – Responsibilities of parents:

a. Complete, in full, all registration documentation and waivers for each swimmer.

c. Foster good sportsmanship in accordance of MAAPP 

d. Assist in enforcing the rules and regulations of MAAPP and/or any facility in use by CKS;

e. Provide required and approved personal equipment for their swimmer(s); and

f. Attend parent meetings, as scheduled by CKS


SECTION 5 – Responsibilities of volunteers:

a. Foster good sportsmanship in support of CKS objectives and respect;

b. Assist in activities and functions of CKS as directed by CKS personnel;

c. Assist in enforcing the rules and regulations of MAAPP and/or any facility in use by CKS;

d. Submit to a background check upon request.


SECTION 6 – Meet participation: It is expected that swimmers compete in USA Swimming sactioned swim meets. 






SECTION 1 – Fiscal year: The fiscal year of the CKS should typically run from September 1st to July 30th.


SECTION 2 – Fees: An annual, non-refundable registration fee will be charged on the first day of registration and renewed annually by each swimmer. The fee will be set and published on the CKS website.


SECTION 3 --Dues

A. Dues: CKS team dues are determined annually and pay for administrative and operational costs incurred by CKS throughout the year. CKS will determine and publish the team dues by July 1st of each year. CKS will determine fees for special programs such as pre-season summer swim, swim clinics, swim camps, and/or any other program offered to CKS swimmers. Dues will be charged on the 1st of the month throughout the competitive season for all swimmers “members” in good standingm.

B. Payment: Each swimmer is responsible for paying CKS team dues, swim meet dues and clinics or special events. Written notice of termination of particiption must be submitted 30 days in advance of next billing cycle to Head Coach for cancellation of membership during the given competitive season. Failure to do so will result in the tuition owed until the following month after the 30 days.   


SECTION 4 – Late fees/Outstanding balances: Swimmers whose registration, team dues, and/or any other program or gear purchase fees are past due may not practice with the team, unless prior arrangements have been made through the Head Coach of CKS.  Swimmers will not be allowed to compete until the outstanding balance is paid. When an account reaches a negative balance of $150.00, the swimmer will no longer be permitted to practice or compete until the balance is paid in full.


SECTION 5 – Swimmers Swim Meet/Travel Expenses: All travel expenses associated with participation in CKS are the responsibility of team members and not reimbursable by CKS




SECTION 1 – Head Coach Owned: CKS is owned by Head Coach.  Head Coach and the business of CKS, LLC is governed by Swim North Carolina and USA Swimming.

1710.4H, as needed.

SECTION 2 – Head Coach: The Head Coach will have the following duties and obligations:

  1. Run day to day business operations
  2. Maintain code of conduct in accordance with Safe Sport, MAAPP, USA Swimming and Swim North Carolina. 
  3. Enforce Parent/Swimmer Codes of Conduct in accordance with Safe Sport, MAAPP, USA Swimming and Swim North Carolina;

d. Responsibility for the curriculum training of CKS swimmers and training guidance for all

group coaches;

e. Attend all scheduled meets in which CKS is represented, if there is a scheduling conflict

then appoint a coach prior to the meet

f. Meet with frequently with coaching staff to discuss;

team goals, training vision, coaching expectations, scheduling and logistics, group coaching responsibilities, and other items, as determined by the Head Coach. Schedule additional coaching staff meetings, as necessary;

g. Present all awards. Some awards may be presented by another coach with Head Coach approval;

h. Provide feedback to parents and swimmers regarding goal progress and achievements throughout the season based on swimmer’s Goal Sheets, distributed at the beginning of the season