Starting September 1, 2021, USA Swimming, its Zones, LSCs and member clubs are required to implement the updated Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP) in full. This resource is intended to provide information to the Meetings and Individual Training Sessions section of the policy.

Meetings and Individual Training Sessions

Adult Participants often engage in meetings with athletes and by providing individual training instruction outside of regular practice activities. Such activities can create opportunities for one-on-one interaction, limited supervision and accountability.

Adult Participants must following all one-on-one interaction requirements during any meetings and individual training sessions with minor athletes. A minor athlete’s parent/legal guardian must provide advanced written consent, at least annually, with a copy provided to the organization, which can be withdrawn at any time, for individual training sessions to occur. Additionally, parents/legal guardians must be allowed to observe the individual training session.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can an individual training session be observable but not interruptible as long as a parent/guardian

provides consent?
A: No. Individual training sessions must ALWAYS be observable and interruptible unless one of the exceptions exists. Parent/guardian consent is required annually for ALL training sessions.

Q: Is advanced written consent required for a coach to provide individual instruction during practice sessions or competitions?
A: No. Individual instruction during a practice with other minor athletes present does not require consent. The instruction must still follow the one-on-one interactions requirements.