Starting September 1, 2021, USA Swimming, its Zones, LSCs and member clubs are required to implement the updated Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP) in full. This resource is intended to provide information to the One-on-One Interactions section of the policy.

One-on-One Interactions

One-on-One Interactions present a risk for an Adult Participant to abuse a minor athlete or initiate grooming behaviors to do so. This portion of the policy sets the expectation that if a one-on-one interaction occurs, it is done in a way that is observable and interruptible by another adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does observable and interruptible mean?
A: Observable and interruptible means that the interaction takes place in such a way that another adult can see all the interactions that are happening AND another adult can interrupt the interaction if he or she observes a questionable behavior in the moment that it is occurring. That interruption could include a physical interruption and/or a vocal interruption.

Q: What does “except under emergency circumstances” mean?
A: An example of an emergency circumstance could include an individual experiencing a medical emergency leaving an Applicable Adult and a minor athlete without another adult in an observable and interruptible distance.

Q: Can a lifeguard or pool facility staff serve as the “other adult” within an observable and interruptible distance?
A: Yes, if the lifeguard is an adult and can completely observe the interaction and interrupt in the moment. However, remember that a lifeguard or pool facility staff’s responsibility is to those in the pool and the facility and accordingly likely will not be able to observe or interrupt a one-on-one interaction.