Welcome to Sailfish Masters Swimming.  We are an adult fitness swimming program serving all levels of adult swimmers. We have swimmers of all ability levels from beginner to nationally ranked.  Many just swim for fitness as well. Ages range from 19 to 100.

West Cabarrus YMCA

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:00 to 7:15 a.m. 

Tuesday and Thursday 12 to 1:15 pm and Saturday 7:45-9:00

You may come to any/all of our practices.  We welcome traveling USMS members/other guests.  Practices will be led by a USA Swimming certified coach.  


There is a $25 annual registration fee payable to Sailfish Aquatics.  All members must also join US Masters Swimming (about $50/annually).  Monthly dues are $45.00 per month. 

To be completely registered, you must visit BOTH links below.

Click here for registration for Sailfish Aquatics.  ***You must enter credit card information.  If you have questions about this, contact Dwight Dickerman

Click here to register for US Masters.  Select NCMS as your masters team and Sailfish Aquatics as your workout group.  If you are joining in the summer, please contact us before you register for USMS. 

Please email Dwight Dickerman your USMS membership number once you receive it.  


***Please note that we do NOT practice at all in August!!!