Coach Vladimir

Dwight Dickerman

It is with deep regret that I have accepted Coach Dolgov’s resignation as Head Coach for Sailfish Aquatics. Unfortunately, Coach Vladimir’s health issues will prevent him from returning to deck full time and leading the team.


As we approach our sixth year with Vladimir as a key part of our coaching staff, I’d like to personally thank him for his support, hard work, dedication to the team and the positive impact he has had on so many athletes. I’d especially like to thank him for keeping a positive outlook and a “moving forward” approach to the team, COVID and the challenges the team has faced recently. 


Working with our Board and with Coach Vladimir’s input, we have started the process to interview and bring on a new Head Coach. In addition to meeting USA Swimming’s hiring requirements, we will be looking for individuals with the leadership and coaching experiences to positively impact Sailfish Aquatics.