Welcome to swim meets as part of USA Swimming! 

It is an amazing unforgettable experience!  Swim meets are a great family experience.  They're a place where the whole family can spend time together.  Kids can meet new friends and make their life time achievements.

Listed below are some highlights geared to help swimmer through swim meets: 

  • Enjoy the time you have in the pool and enjoy the process. Your teammates will pick up on your energy and mimic it.  Support teammates and they will support you.  A happy swimmer is a fast swimmer!
  • GET GOOD SLEEP the night before a race!  The average teenager should get a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Eat a hot breakfast.
  • Show up to the meet 15-20 minutes before your warm up and find a space. Make it a place where your teammates can congregate.
  • Find your coach, and let him/her know you have arrived.  Coaches get nervous, too!
  • Warm up.  A swimmer's body is just like a car on a cold day- needs to get the engine going and warmed-up before can go all out.  It is very important for all swimmers to warm-up with the team.
  • Do dryland stretch 10 - 15 minutes before water.
  • After warm-up.  Body performs better when it is warm.  It is hard to swim smooth and relaxed when a swimmer is freezing.  Bring warm clothes such a parka, warm suit (jacket, sweat and paints)  Wear shoes and socks will help to stay warm and keep legs fresh, as walking or standing around all day on a hard surface can promote tired legs and feet.
  • Go back to the area where team is sitting and wait until your event. 
  • Talk with your coach before the race.  This is crucial for every athlete, no matter the experience level.  The coach can impart some final wisdom or corny joke to lighten the mood.
  • On the block.   You trained with purpose, you listened to your coaches (hopefully), and you have fully prepared.  Let all that take hold.  Swim the race to the best of your ability!
  • After the race.  Shake your competitor’s hand as a sign of respect; not only for them, but for the sport you all work so hard to be a part of.
  • Go directly to your coach to talk about your race – the good, the bad and overall.
  • Warm down.  If there is a warm down pool available, swim for recovery after your body just exerted a huge amount of energy ~100-200 yards (Bronze group) – 300-400 (Senior group).
  • Once you properly warm down and feel you have returned to a stable place, relax.  Go find your bag, throw on warm clothes and just be a part of the team.
  • When you have completed all events and/or before leaving the pool, make sure you are not included on a relay and verify time arrival for finals (if applicable).


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