Carolina Aquatic Team is a 501-c-03 non-profit organization but we must charge for our services in order to offer the quality programs swim families expect. We do our best to keep dues and other fees as low as possible. We will be sending you a monthly statement and/or e-mail reminders to keep you informed on your account.  We accept payment via checks mailed to the office or online payment by credit card through our website.  You are able to log on to the team website to view your account standing at any time. Prompt payment is expected and greatly appreciated.


Registration Fee

The annual registration fee of $135 per swimmer is due upon enrollment with CAT.  It includes two (2) team t-shirt, and CAT team silicon cap (latex available upon request), and CAT administrative fees. Families will also be responsible for registering their swimmers directly with USA Swimming via a link provided once your registration is complete and accepted with CAT.   


Carolina Aquatic Team Registration Fee & Dues

CAT’s swim year runs from September 6 to July 31 (11 months).  Billing begins on September 1.  Dues are based on the group assignment of your swimmer, as well as your chosen commitment level.  Coaches will assign your swimmer(s) to a group, and may recommend group changes during the year. The current groups and monthly/seasonal/annual commitment rates are:


Annual Commitment Monthly Des

Seasonal Commitment Monthly Dues

Monthly Commitment Dues

Volunteer Credits

CAT 101

NA $110 $120 1

Age Group 1





Age Group 2





Age Group 3










Senior Elite






**In order to take full advantage of the season plan and lessons taught in our Competitive Team a commitment from our swimmers must be for a minimum of a full season.  The only exceptions allowed for this policy are our NC Science and Math Students in town for the school year only and graduating High School Seniors finishing a swimming career**


  • Annual Commitment means a swimmer is committed for the entire season (September through July)

  • Seasonal Commitment:  a swimmer is committed to swimming through the entire season

    • Indoor Season is September  – April

    • Outdoor Season is May - July 

    • Swimmers who do not give notice of discontinuation after Indoor Season by April 20th will be automatically renewed for the Outdoor season and are responsible for dues.

  • Multiple swimmers – 15% dues discount for 2nd swimmer from the same family, 20% for the 3rd, 25% for the 4th (applied to the lowest cost swimmer).

  • No refunds will be offered for any reason.


Volunteer Policy

All USA Swimming meets are hosted by volunteers and require a great deal of personnel to run effectively. Carolina Aquatic Team hosts three of these meets each year that provide opportunities to local swimmers, and allow us to achieve our yearly operating budget. To help distribute the workload and encourage participation amongst all members, we implement a Volunteer Requirement Policy. Each family must earn a total number of credits (see chart above) based on the practice group of their most advanced swimmer.  Families with multiple swimmers do not need to earn double credits.


There are multiple ways a family earns volunteer credits:

1.  Families earn one (1) credit for each meet session worked. If two family members volunteer at the same meet session, they will earn two (2) credits.  Volunteer credits may be earned by any member of the family (or friends). 

2.  One (1) credit can be earned for hospitality donations totaling a value of $50 throughout our meet season (cash or food items).

3.  One (1) credit can be earned for heat sheet advertisement sales totaling $300. 


Families who accumulate extra credits will be awarded one raffle ticket per credit to be entered to win prizes at the team banquet at the end of the Short Course season. Super volunteers are typically rewarded with a special gift in appreciation of their efforts.  Unfulfilled credits will be billed ($75 per unfulfilled credit) after the final hosted swim meet of the year (usually in February).


Payment Due Date

Invoices are emailed to members by the 4th of each month.  They include monthly dues for the upcoming month as well as any items invoiced the previous month (meet fees, team store purchases, etc.).  You will be charged a $25 late fee if a payment is not received by the 20th of each month.  Advance payments are always welcome.  Payments may be made via check or online payment through your account on the team website with a small processing fee applied.  Please make checks payable to “Carolina Aquatic Team” and mail them to the team office at:

Carolina Aquatic Team
PO Box 927
Durham, NC 27702


Payment Changes

As a swimmer progresses and improves, coaches may recommend moving a swimmer to another swim group.  In this case, your bill will be adjusted to reflect the new group dues.  Those who prepay for the entire year will receive an additional charge for the difference, adjusted to when the move occurred.



There may be a surcharge in the summer for use of more costly long course pool facilities.  Every effort is made to avoid these extra costs, but when they are necessary you will receive an explanation and as much advance notice as possible.


Mid-season Registration

We accept registrations at any time throughout the season.  Pro-rated registration fees and volunteer credits will be as follows:

  • After May 1 - $80 registration fee per swimmer. No volunteer requirements until the Fall (swimmers must re-register in September).


In the instance that your swimmer decides to take a break or discontinue from the program, please inform us by the 20th of the month prior by email ([email protected]).  Those swimmers who took advantage of the lower monthly dues by signing up for either a seasonal or annual commitment level will be responsible for dues for the remaining commitment duration.  Monthly commitment swimmers will be charged for the upcoming month if we do not receive any notice.