• Outside of Aqua Farm ($50 registration fee), all programs have a registration fee of $180.
  • The registration fee inlcudes:  Team Suit (new design this year), shirt, cap, magnet and team pin(s).  Please note that the Aqua Farmers do not have the team suit included in their registration.  It is optional to purchase a suit for Aqua Farm. 


  • New to '22-'23 Season - All swimmers must register with USA Swimming online.  Please read through the information link HERE.


  • Multi-Swimmer Discount
    • First swimmer in family pays full monthly dues.
    • All subsequent swimmers in each family recieves a 10% discount.
  • Strength and Conditioning
    • All strength and conditioning fees are now included in tuition.
  • Competitions
    • Competitions are optional events and seperate costs.
    • Meet fees are based on the number of events entered.
    • Payments are drafted at the time of competition.
  • Blue Sky and Marine Lite in Winston Salem
    • Our Winston Site offers Blue Sky and Marine swimmers the option to swim 1x per week on the day of their choice.  The Lite category swimmer takes 50% of the price off of the normal tution.


  • *GSO Groups required to have a Club Fitness Membership ($59.99). GSO Delta Select and Sigma Select have Parisi Speed School dryland at no extra cost. Swimmers from other groups can join Parisi on their own if they want but they will have to pay full Parisi price separately.


  • All of Kernersville dues include the membership fee associated with First Christian Church.  This allows the swimmers access to the gym during the designated enfinity swim group training times.