We offer various levels within each group to make sure each swimmer is getting the instruction that is perfect for them!  Explore each group to gather a better idea of where your child will fit,  But don't worry - our fabulous coaches are here to help make sure everyone is in the appropriate group!


A Q U A   F A R M

AQUA FARM:  Average Age. 4 - 8yrs. This program is designed for little swimmers who have completed basic swim lessons and/or their first season of summer league.  Aqua Farm builds a swimmer's endurance while introducing the fundamental techniques behind freestyle, breaststorke and backstroke.  To qualify for Aqua Farm a swimmer needs to be able to swim one length of the pool (any stroke) and tread water for 1 minute.  Swim lesson reference - Enfinity highly recomends Salem Swim and Gym.


B L U E   G R O U P

BLUE GROUP:  Average Age: 6 - 12yrs.  Blue Group is our age group swim program.  Blue Group is designed for those who understand the basic mechanics of all competitive strokes and are ready to be introduced to competitive swim as they build confidence in the water.  We offer a variety of commitment levels, and have something for everyone looking to get into the sport of swim.  *Competitions are optional in Blue Group*


B L A C K   G R O U P

BLACK GROUP:  Agbe 13+. This program is for our older and more experienced competitive swimmers.  We offer various levels of commitment.  From multi-sport athletes (high school athletes who want to prep for HS Swim Season - Beta) to swimmers who swim year round and wish to pursue college swimming.  



SUMMER PREP - Our spring seasonal program designed to get swimmers ready for summer swim league.  This program is offered in April and May.  We begin advertising and registerting for this program in February of every year.

USA MASTERS - A program specifically designed for swimmers with more experience that have graduated from under 18 competitive swim.  It is a great way to stay in swimming shape or to get a great workout. Click to learn more. 


Greensboro Inquiries - Contact: Korey McCulley 

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Kernersville Inquiries - Contact: Gunther Rodriquez Osorio 

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Winston Salem Inquiries - Contact: Tim Hillen 

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