Enfinity Aquatics takes great pride in training young swimmers to love the sport and have fun.  Our Aqua Farm Group is EAC's way to introduce swimmers to proper technique while building confidence and a love for the water.



Focus: Aqua Farm is perfect for swimmers that have taken swim lessons and are ready to explore the world of swimming!  This group will focus heavily on fine tuning technique on freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke as well as introducing butterfly.  Coaches will use a combination of drills, games, and a constant variety of activties to keep the swimmers engaged and having fun while improving their swimming skills.

Coaches will simultaneously be on the deck and in water at all times during practice to make sure skills are being perfected as the swimmer progresses.

Suggested Age: perfect for any swimmer 4+ that has completed swim lessons or meets other skill requirements

Skill requirements to enter the group: Must be able to swim independently across the pool (no formal stroke is necessary).  Swimmer must also be comfortable putting their face in the water and have a desire to learn proper swim technique and strokes.

Time Commitment: 30 min practices offered 2 days per week.  

Ready to register? Please email [email protected]  If you have any questions, please contact us below.



Winston Salem Inquiries - Contact: Tim Hillen 

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Greensboro Inquiries - Contact: Korey McCulley 

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Kernersville Inquiries - Contact: Gunther Rodriquez Osorio 

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