Enfinity Equipment List


At Enfinity, we use various types of equipment to help focus on buidling technique, endurance, and strength.  Swimmers are expected to bring the required equipment to each practice.  Below is a chart of the needs for each group.  The requirements are the same for all the locations (Winston Salem, Greensboro, and Kernersville).  We have also provided recommendations for brands and sizes, however, these are just for guidance and not a requirement.  If you have any questions regarding the equipment for your swimmer, please do not hestitate to talk with your coach.  In some cases, as noted, Enfinity has stock of the equipment and can provide those for you at a discounted price. 

Looking for Apparel?

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Kick Boards    We recommend Arena's board as it is lightweight and flexible making it easier for flip turns and fly kick.  


Fins                  Short FinsArena Power Fin Pro is a great option - Enfinity stocks these 50% off.  Contact us to purchase.

                         Long Fins - Speedo Triathlon are a great option

     *Enfinity has Drag Sox in stock - contact your coach


Paddles           We prefer the strokemaker paddles (flat).  Please review size guide link for your swimmer.  Black Sigma swimmers are asked to 

                         have a larger pair for power workouts and a medium pair for distance work.


Drag Sox         Black Group Swimmers - PB40 Size - Enfinity stocks these sox.  

                         Blue Royal Swimmers - PB25 Size

     *Enfinity has Drag Sox in stock - contact your coach


Snorkel            We recommend the Ylon-a Snorkel due to its thinner and more compact size (less air volume).


Land Cords     Blue Royal (ages 9+ only) - Gray Cords          Black Beta - Yellow Cords

                         Black Delta - Green Cords                                Black Sigma - Red/ Blue Cords


Swim Bag        Mesh bags are great to keep all of your wet gear together!