The USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP) becomes effective June 23, 2019. MAAPP contains five sections: one-on-one interactions, travel, social media and electronic communications, locker rooms and changing areas and massage, rubdowns and athletic training modalities.

Additionally all our 18+ year old athletes must complete the Athlete Protection Training by June 23, 2019, before they are able to swim in a meet. Any meet that uses OME for entries (Sectionals, Far Westerns, Jr. Nationals, Nationals, etc.) will flag any 18+ athletes that have not completed the online course and they will not be allowed to swim in the meet. It is recommended that those athletes that are almost 18 years old complete the online course during the summer while they have time.

Below you will find all of the materials that USA Swimming has published regarding MAAPP, including answers to FAQs to date.


EAC Photography Policy

Social Media and Electronic Communication

Locker Room and Changing Areas

EAC Action Plan to Address Bullying