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Below you will find the price guide and picture of our overflow items that remain from registration and various events.  These items are in stock and can be delivered to your swimmer at practice.  If the item is a gift, please ensure to include this in your email notes.

All apparel is ordered through Linda Rider -  In your order please include: Item / Size / Quantity.  Note that A stands for Adult Size and Y stands for Youth.

** New Item:  Enfinity Trucker Hat ** $20.00



Shirts $15.00
Polos $20.00
Shorts $15.00
Sweat Pants $25.00
Caps (Yellow & Black) $10.00
Shorts $15.00
Slides (Arena - Black & Blue) $15.00
Tank Tops $15.00

*Please make sure to input you sizes in your order to Linda (  There are limited sizes per item.


Training Gear  
Kick Boards $15.00
Racing Goggles $25.00
Practice Suits $25.00
Arena Power Pro-Fins $30.00

Training Gear Sizes  
Fins 6.5 - 11.5
Slides 7.5 - 12.25
Goggles Blue and White
Men's Suits 26 - 34
Women's Suits 26 - 30
Men's Tank Top S - XL
Women's Tank Tom S - XL

Swim Caps:  Enfintiy silicone caps in black, blue and yellow.  $15 per cap.