Please make sure to check and update your swimmer's shirt sizes from last season.  If you change after 9/24 you may not get the correct size. 

Late registration may have to wait until the next shirt order is placed.  The has been a large uptick in registrations this year.

To check/change shirt size login to the website - Go to 'My Account" - Then "Account Info" - In the "Members" tab choose a swimmer and scroll down to check their size.
Below you will find Information on swim meets.  Signing up, billing, etc. that I emailed out over the past month.
I have also linked the billing email and USA Swimming Registration email for those who may have registered after those emails were sent. 
USA Swimming Registration  (for anyone who missed the email) 
     *If you had issues receiving the code on signup you can now try again. 
     The deadline for everyone being registered will be October 16th.
Billing Policy and Instructions (for anyone who missed the email) 
Swim Meet Information - This is new information 
The meet host currently does not have the event file created so you will only be able to declare yes or no at this time.  I will email everyone when we get the file.   
The  Swim Meet page on the website now has links to each meet, though most teams still do not have meet information out.  The page will be continually updated throughout the season as I receive the information.