Swim Meets are optional but highly encouraged.  


Each meet has a page where you will find the information about the meet including location, date, deadline, cost, etc.  This can be found on the swim meet page by clicking the “Sign & Info” link.  


The meet info will be continuously updated as it is received.  If you look through, most of the meets do not have information available yet.  Most administrator are still busy with the headache of USA Swimming Registration.


You do not have to attend every day of the meet.  You can choose which sessions to attend.  


Most of our Intrasquad meets have a flat fee and other meets have a flat fee plus a fee per event.  Most teams have a per event as that relates to the length of the meet and how long the pool will need to be rented for.  This fee will be charged around 2 days after the deadline closes.  Once meet fees are paid they are nonrefundable.  If swimmers miss an event or get disqualified we also are unable to refund for those instances.


Events can be chosen by swimmers but the coaches have the final say on events. 

Please use the comments section to indicate if you are swimming only a specific day, need to leave early, specific event wanted to swim, etc.


Our team view of events is that they should be appropriate to the swimmers ability level.  We do not need swimmers swimming in events just to say they have completed them.  This can be completed at practice.  The focus should instead be on improving in the shorter distance before looking to complete longer distances.  A good rule of thumb is if the 50 is not under 1:00-1:05 their technique should be focused on before attempting 100s.


Meet Signup Instructions and Other Information



We have meets broken down into 4 levels.  


Showdown Meets


    These are practice meets.  They are unofficial so 

Times will not count towards cuts and cannot be entered into the USA system.  These meets allow swimmers to get acclimated to meet in a quick and fun environment.  There are no DQs (disqualifications) for these meets but coaches should and will be watching to make sure any issues with technique are address to bring the strokes in line with USA swimming rules.  There is no extra cost associated with these meets.


Intrasquad Meets


These are home meets held at one of our locations within the team.  These meets are open to all levels of swimmers except Gator group.  These meets are many times only one day but sometimes can extend over two days.  These meets usually will cost around $20-$40 depending on the length. Individual sessions are usually around 2 hours.


Hosted & Travel Meets


These meets are usually 2 or 3 day meets.  These meets usually will cost around $30-$70 depending on the length and location. Individual sessions are can be anywhere from 2 - 4 hours.



Qualifying & Championship Meets


These meets have qualifying times as a requirement for entry.  You should read the event description for more information.  All entry times must be from official USA sanctioned meets.  Generally these only involve swimmers in Currents and up.