What is USA Swimming?

USA swimming is the governing body of the sport of swimming for the entire United States.  USA Swimming is not the same organization or program that your summer facility or neighborhood may offer.  It is a national program that provides swimmers with the opportunity to learn to swim and advance their career, if they desire, to compete at the national and international levels.  Most of our competitive swimmers compete at the state and sectional level.


What experience does my swimmer need before joining the Makos?

The Granite Falls Makos once offered a learn to swim group, known as the Shortfins.  However, due to our growing team and limited pool space, all swimmers must be able to swim a minimum of 50 yards without stopping and must be competent in freestyle, backstroke and familiar with the concepts of swimming breaststroke and butterfly.  


All new swimmers are required to schedule an evaluation with a coach prior to registering with the team.  This ensures that a swimmer is placed in the appropriate group and that space is available within the group.  Please email m[email protected] to schedule an evaluation.


If a coach determines that a swimmer does not have the skill set, technique, or endurance to begin with the Makos, we strongly encourage families to seek private swim lessons with the Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club in order to prepare their child for joining the team.


What does a swim season entail?

USA Swimming is essentially a year round sport.  Most years, we’re fortunate enough to take off the month of August, but otherwise we practice 11 months out of the year.  Our competitive meet season begins in October and ends in March before beginning again in May and concluding in late July.


Many of our swimmers are in year round schools and thus families travel at all different times of the year.  Not a problem!  We encourage families to travel when the team is off, but we’re flexible and understanding of everyone’s schedules.


How often will my swimmer practice and compete?

Each swimmer’s schedule varies depending on the group s/he is assigned and how often they decide to attend meets.  Please note that some swim meets have time standards in order to participate, and thus not all swimmers will be able to attend every meet.


How often is my swimmer evaluated?

Swimmers and their assigned groups are evaluated at least twice a year, once after short course season and again after long course prior to the start of the following year.  In the event a swimmer makes significant progress or decides to change their track, groups may be switched after coaches, athletes, and families communicate and determine the best course of action.


What do my monthly fees and dues include?

Fees include a team cap, team shirt, practice dues paid to the club and meet fees.  Regardless of whether a swimmer is on a recreational track or not, all swimmers pay meet fees.  Because some meets are developmental and thus recreational swimmers may decide to try a meet and compete, we cannot charge meet fees once billing has been drafted at the start of the month.  As a result, practice dues reflect that most recreational swimmers in these assigned groups will not compete.


Are swim meets required?

Swim meets are not required; however, swimmers who do not attend swim meets will be placed on our recreational track rather than our competitive track.  Swimmers are strongly encouraged to try at least one short short course meet a season.


Recreation vs. Competitive Tracks

The Makos offer two tracks depending on an athlete’s desires.  Our recreational track is designed for those who wish not to compete or may only attend a meet once each season and only compete at developmental meets.  Our competitive track is designed for swimmers working to achieve USA Swimming Motivational Standards and who are working to achieve NC Championship or ESSZ Sectional qualifying times.


What equipment will my swimmer need for practice?

Please see our Team Information page on our website and Group Levels for more information regarding the specific equipment that is needed for your swimmer’s group.  All swimmers are required to have all equipment prior to their first day of practice.


Where are swim meets held?

A majority of our swim meets are held in Cary, NC at the Triangle Aquatic Center; however, periodically throughout the year, we travel to Greensboro, Wilmington, Charlotte, and occasionally outside the state for more competitive meets.