2019-2020 Pricing Structure

Registration Fee

A registration fee is required for all swimmers participating on the Granite Falls Makos Swim Team.  The registration fee is $120 (per person).  This fee includes a one year membership to USA swimming, a team t-shirt and swim cap.  The registration fee is due at time of registration and is non-refundable.

Monthly Fees

Monthly fees include practice fees, fundraising fees and meet fees.  Enrollment will renew each month and monthly fees will be automatically drafted on the first of the month.  Payments will be divided into 11 monthly installments from September through July.  Monthly fees are as follows:

Member Non-Member
Shortfin $80 Shortfin $100
Longfin $95 Longfin $115
High School Prep $80 High School Prep $100
Home School (2 Day) $80 Home School (2 Day) $100
Silver $120 Silver $140
Gold $135 Gold $155
Varsity $150 Varsity $170
Beginner Competitive $140 Beginner Competitive $160
Age Group Challenge $155 Age Group Challenge $175
Age Group Select $170 Age Group Select $190
Age Group Elite $180 Age Group Elite $200
Junior Varsity $180 Junior Varsity $200
Junior $190 Junior $210
Senior $200 Senior $220

Commitment Policy

For the Shortfin, Longfin, and Home School groups, a 3 month (consecutive) minimum commitment is required.  For Silver through Senior groups an 11 month (September-July) commitment is required.  The High School Prep group has a one month minimum commitment.

Transfer Policy

Any swimmer looking to transfer to the Makos Swim Team from another club must schedule an interview with the head coach prior to registration.

Freeze / Cancellation Policy

If you wish to withdraw from the program or freeze your enrollment, a signed freeze/cancellation form is required 30 days before your enrollment will end.  If you wish to cancel your membership before fulfilling your commitment a $125 (per person) cancellation fee is required.  Swimmer(s) must have an exit interview with their head coach prior to canceling.  If you wish to freeze your membership a $25 (per person) monthly administrative fee will be charged, and you may freeze up to a max of 3 months between September - July.  

No-Show Meet Fee

A No-Show Meet Fee of $25 per day (per person) will be charged to families who sign up for a meet and do not attend.  This is required because all meet fees payed to the host team are non-refundable, and Granite Falls is obligated to pay for your swimmer even if they do not attend the meet.

Other Fees

Other fees include banquets, team social events or outings, team apparel, and practice equipment.  These fees are not included in the monthly fees or registration fee.