Below are general questions and answers that we hope will help your understanding of our team and the sport of year-round USA Swimming. For any other questions you may have, please refer to our "Who to contact?" section on our homepage.


  • What are the rules of swimming?
    • Click HERE to visit the "Swimming 101" page on USA Swimming's website. As our governing body, they have rules and guidelines by which every stroke/turn/start and thus swimming event are judged by at swim meets. Our goal is to teach your child correct technique so that your swimmer can compete legally according to these rules.

Starting Out/Fees/Tryouts

  • Are there age requirements?
    • We offer training groups for swimmers of ALL ages. From our Developmental Group (~6-8 year olds) to our Senior Elite Group (high schoolers committed to swimming at the highest level), we have something for EVERYONE.
  • What are the registration fees?
    • Registration fees for all competitive groups for swimmers 18 years and younger are $115. This covers your Swim GSA shirt and cap, USA Swimming and Swim GSA registration fees and insurance coverage.
  • What are the costs beyond registration and dues?
    • Every swimmer who competes for Swim GSA must purchase a team suit as part of their team uniform. Additional fees may include any apparel you wish to buy, and fees for meets.
    • If you have any questions regarding billing, email our business admin Amy Stowers at
  • Is there a discount for having more than one athlete?
    • Yes! Registration fees are the same flat amount per swimmer, but our training fees do offer multi-swimmer discounts.
    • Our multi-swimmer discount is 10% off the second swimmer, 20% off the third swimmer, and 30% off the fourth and any other swimmer.
  • Where does Swim GSA hold practices?
    • You can view our locations HERE.
  • If my child has a disability, are they able to swim in your program?
    • Yes! Please contact our Head Coach Kevin Thornton, at, and we can discuss how to provide the best training environment for your swimmer on our team.
  • What is the purpose of an evaluation?
    • We require that everyone high school age and younger be evaluated for our team. At your swimmer's evaluation, we can provide you more detailed information, answer any questions, and see how your child swims so that we can place them in the training group that will best suit their needs.


  • What is the “season” of swimming?
    • We literally swim year-round! The short course (25 yard pool) competitive season is roughly September through March, and long course (50 meter/Olympic pool) is April through July. We encourage/expect participation during both seasons.
  • What does my swimmer need for practice?
    • Swimsuit, Swim GSA cap, goggles, towel, water bottle
    • Training equipment, which can include kick board, fins, pull buoy, snorkel
  • How are the kids grouped? Age? Skill? Open?
    • You can learn more about our various training groups and requirements HERE.
  • How can my swimmer move into the next training group?
    • Each training group has prerequisites based on age, competitive ability and practice focus. Click the link just above to find out more.
  • Does Swim GSA have a non-competitive group?
    • Yes! We offer a group called Seasons which is primarily for older 12 year olds through high school athletes whose main focuses are high school meets and summer league swim team. This is also a great group for children who have multiple activities/commitments beyond swimming and school.

Swim Practice/Meets

  • When can my swimmer compete in meets?
    • We typically offer 1-2 meets you can compete in per month. We will send out email announcements to make sure you have committed to the meets you can attend.
  • Do we travel for meet?
    • Some meets may require travel. Usually, our meets are at the Greensboro Aquatic Center, but sometimes they are in Raleigh, Cary, or Charlotte, or out of state.
  • What if my child doesn't know how to swim?
    • While we no longer offer a swim lessons program, we can recommend various swim lesson instructors in the area. Please contact for more info.
  • Do we have to compete?
    • We encourage everyone to compete at meets. Not only does it provide an opportunity to see how swimmers have improved throughout the year, but it also helps swimmers support each other and learn team camaraderie.
  • What is the practice schedule?
    • Please refer to our Practice Calendar page for generic practice schedules. There you can also find any updates to the practice schedules through the year.
  • Do we have to come to practice? How often?
    • Yes! Practice makes perfect. We have a recommended number of practices for each training group that we believe helps provide swimmers at each age/ability level a balance between training and the rest of their activities in order to best succeed.
  • Do you have parent volunteer requirements?
    • We do not have volunteer requirements, but we do believe the best way for parents to interact and be involved with their child's swimming is to volunteer at meets. We host 3-5 meets per year at the GAC, and we need as many hands on deck as possible. YOU are part of the team too, and we appreciate your support.
  • How do swim meets work?