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How to Be Your Best at a Swim Meet


Control What You Can Control:
Attitude, Focus, Effort, Enthusiasm, Communication, Perspective

  • Be POSITIVE! EXPECT to be successful!
  • Be extraordinarily kind and polite to everyone around you. When you are the “best you”, it rubs off on teammates. Smile! Make your attitude contagious.
  • Be patient and keep perspective. Trust the process, trust your coaches, and trust your training.
  • Not every swim will be a lifetime best time. Learn & move on. See the next opportunity and get excited about it.
  • THINK at practice (conscious). DO at the meets (subconscious).
  • Live in the moment. Focus on you - right now.


Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Caring – It’s all about the TEAM!

  • Be the best teammate that you can be.- The TEAM picks up and helps the teammate who needs it. Improving yourself starts with helping others.
  • We cheer for our teammates. We are louder than any other team in the facility.
  • We are ALL responsible for creating the next great, inspiring swim by a teammate. CREATE & BE A PART OF YOUR TEAM’S SUCCESS.
  • Celebrate one another. Praise success, accept that it comes in many different ways and it is different for everyone.
  • Swim GSA takes an immense amount of pride in our relays. It is a privilege to be on a relay, take pride in it by giving a superhuman effort.
  • Turn off useless electronic “CLUTTER” and be engaged with one another. Use music as motivation. Electronics are for enhancements, not as an escape. (CLUTTER = social media, games, texting, etc.)


“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

  • Be early for meet warm-up because you never know when "stuff” happens. (Parking, traffic, accidents, etc.)
  • Warm-up to prepare for the race. Warm-down to recover from the race. Do those both properly because your next race depends on it (even if it is the next day). 
  • Be self-reliant – ask yourself what YOU need to be doing and focusing on.
  • Know your race schedule before you come to the meet. Have a plan for your race and be ready to discuss with the coach. Remember, this is YOUR performance.
  • Visualize your races. Train your brain for optimal performance.
  • Be prepared! Extra goggles, extra caps, extra towels. Bring plenty of food, snacks, and hydration.
  • STRETCH!! Feeling “loose” is key. Relaxation starts with a good stretch!
  • Nothing great was ever achieved by being timid. Be daring and have courage to approach races with confidence. Take the risk and go for it – swim with controlled aggressiveness.
  • Be mentally and physically prepared to swim every event throughout the entirety of the competition. Our best day of the meet is the last day of the meet!
  • Be a ROLE MODEL for younger Swim GSA athletes as you grow & progress through the team. You are a reflection of the program to others both young and old. The way you conduct yourself, carry yourself, and take care of your surroundings gets noticed and builds respect.
  • Relax, stay quiet, and get some rest/sleep in between prelims and finals. Stay in your own room and settle down!
  • Write it down! Strive for objectivity. THINK after the meet about what you could do better next time