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SGSA Training Squads

Swim GSA’s team philosophy focuses on developing character traits to help each swimmer reach their next level. The program fosters a growth mindset, goal achievement and accountability through a multi-phase process. Values such as sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork and respect create a culture of hard working, responsible swimmers and team success.

Swim GSA Discovery encompasses our Copper and Bronze training groups. Both groups are aimed towards beginner to intermediate swimmers as they experience fun and excitement while learning basic swimming fundamentals. Swimmers are taught to be respectful and proud of individual and team accomplishments. Click here to find out more about our Discovery groups. 

Swim GSA Insight houses our Silver, Gold Prep and Gold training groups. This stage involves learning and progressing through age group training. Swimmers will advance their focus on stroke technique, goal setting, competition and commitment. This “Insight” will ready each swimmer for ultimate success in senior swimming. Click here to find out more about our Insight groups.

Swim GSA Elevation involves our Steel, Platinum and Platinum Elite training groups. Swimmers will be challenged with high quality senior training as they work towards their highest level of swimming for their commitment and goals. Click here to find out more about our Elevation groups.