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Swim GSA Volunteers

Working the Meet – Swim GSA is well known for running good meets, but we can only do that with everyone’s participation. There are many positions available and siblings can even help, please note there are age or certification requirements for certain jobs. All team hosted meets will have a volunteer signup posted. Each family is required to volunteer at all team-hosted meets. If you have any questions, please reach out to Katie Quillen, [email protected]

Officiate – If you are a USA Certified Official we need you. Training is free and you will have access to our wonderful hospitality. Please contact a member of the board for more information.



Experience Needed?



Announces upcoming events. Preliminary results and finals swimmers. Read advertisements from sponsors.

Use microphone and read lists of names. Adults only

Start of warm-ups and work through session.

Meet Admin /Runners/Awards

Check & record stopwatch times as needed. Post results. Put award labels on ribbons and/or medals and separate by team. May need to remain after each session to for a short time to finish labeling and sorting awards.

No experience needed.

Adults only.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to meet start time and stay throughout session

Heat Sheet Sales/Volunteer Check-In

Sell heat sheets at the start of each session. Manage money and deliver cash box back to Meet Director. Sign in volunteers at the beginning of each session.

No experience needed, must be 16 years or older.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups and stay 1 hour after warm-ups


Help with set up and clean up of food. Provide snacks/meals to meet personnel and replenish coolers on deck. Assist with clean up and break down of hospitality room at the end of the meet.

No experience needed. Age requirements

13 and over.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to warm-ups and work through session

Hospitality Chair

Identify meet needs for food and coordinate donations. Setting up food and drinks.  Maintain hospitality room and provide snacks to volunteers. Help transition new workers when session ends.

Knowledge of meet hospitality

Before and during meet

Hy-Tek Team /Clerk of Course

Knowledge of meet information. Take deck entries, positive check ins, relay entries and scratches from prelims and finals. Manage athlete adds, changes &  scratches prior to meet start, Work with Administrative official to determine times, record DQ slips, obtain order of finish. Assist with preparing & copying heat sheet for finals and keeping track of timeline. On the job training is available.

Meet software experience required or willingness to learn and work on computers. Certification required for some roles.

30 minutes prior to warm-ups and during meet

Meet Director

Coordinate all aspects of the meet, including arranging for personnel, equipment and supplies for meet operation. Print heat sheets. Answer questions, resolve problems and keep meet running efficiently. Assisting meet management with any question the meet referee may have.

Extensive meet knowledge and experience.

Before, during and after meet.

Meet Marshall

Monitor pool deck for safety.  Verify that only people with appropriate credentials are allowed on deck.

No experience needed. Adults only.

30 minutes prior to warm-ups and during meet


Ensure that USA Swimming rules and regulations are observed during the competition, both in the pool and in the administrative operations of the meet. Includes judges, starters, referees, and admin officials.

Requires certification, training and experience

60 minutes prior to meet start. Some positions require additional time before, during, and after the meet.

Head Timer

Coordinate timers at the beginning of meet session. Make sure they have watches, lane sheets, clipboards and pencils. Start watches with signal and monitor need for back up watch to be given to a timer. Make sure all clipboards have lane sheets.

Work as a timer previously is very helpful for this job.

45 minutes prior to session start to attend brief meeting and throughout session.


Use a stopwatch to time a swimmer during his/her swim.

No experience needed. If 12 & Under must time with a parent

45 minutes prior to session start to attend brief meeting and throughout session.