We care about our swimmers learning the proper techinque and developing their own strengths and weakness. We have partnered with Spark Fitness & Performance to bring our swimmers an individual sports performance program to targeting their individual strength and weakness. This service is an addition fee added to your monthly tuition if elected please see the follow package below.

About Spark

This isn't your typical dryland training.  This is personalized training speicific to improve your swimming perfomance. Our professional level training focuses on strength, speed, explosionn, and injury risk reduction. When working with us we'll create a swimming specific plan for where you are today to help you reach whatever the next level is for you. Whether it's becoming a collegiate athlete, reaching the new records, or getting that spot on a more competitive team, we understand how hard it is to reach your full potential and are here to help you get there. Our program uses same training methods used by Division 1 athletes and Olympic training facilities so you can reach the next level. 

Basic Package

$175 per month - Highly Recommended for the Younger Age Group Swimmer that is looking to learn correct technique and form.

Unlimited Package

$195 per month - Highly recommended for the Age Group to Senior Level Athlete that is beginning to condtion.

Customized Package

$229 per month - Highly recommended for the Senior Level Athlete that is seeking to compete at the highest level.

If would like additional information you can contact SPARK FITNESS & PERFORMANCE 





Brealon Ashworth

Brealon has been in the strength world since his sophomore year of college where he fell in love with strength sports. He attained a B.S. in Exercise Science from Appalachian State University and a USA Weightlifting certification during his time in college. Brealon currently lifts with the powerlifting and olympic weightlifting team and plans on competing regularly.

Nathan Long

Nathan holds a lifelong passion for sports and is a lifelong athlete. After having suffered and ACL tear himself, he became focused on rehabilitation and training that could prevent major injuries. While also a trainer, he focuses more on the business side and making sure to give Spark Members the best service possible.

Richard Raggi

Richard grew up playing hockey in Chicago, Illinois. After moving to North Carolina, he pursued his passion for strength training and completed the U.S.A. Powerlifting Coaching Certification and N.A.S.M. Personal Training Certification. He will be competing in powerlifting competitions soon and believes that everyone can benefit from getting stronger.