NCAC's Year Round Swim Groups

*2022-2023 Tentative Practice Schedule*

Junior Tar Eels: The introductory level of the NCAC program where children ages 6 – 10 can begin competitive swimming in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. This level will serve as a bridge from standard swim lessons and the year round competitive team. The number one goal is to teach children to love the water and love the sport of swimming. Swimmers entering the Junior Tar Eels group should be able to swim a 25 free breathing to side and also be able to complete a 25 of backstroke, and a 25 of breaststroke, or butterfly. 

Discovery: In this practice group swimmers ages 7-10 will discover the basic fundamentals, practice habits, and skills that will serve them in their swimming development. The primary focus of practice sessions is to expose children to all four competitive strokes through the use of drills, and improved kicking technique. In addition, swimmers will work to develop basic motor learning skills, balance, and coordination in the water. Swimmers entering the Discovery group should be able to swim three of the four competitive strokes legally for 25 yards and be able to swim 50 yards freestyle breathing to the side. 

Exploration: In this practice group swimmers ages 8-10 will explore opportunities to continue to build on their fundamentals and skills while testing their application in a competitive setting. In the daily practice setting swimmers will experience an increase in all aspects of swimming. They will have increased practice time, which will allow for the beginning of aerobic conditioning combined with continued technique work. Practices are geared for success in all strokes and events. Swimmers will be encouraged to compete in every event the coach feels he/she is ready to swim. Dryland activity is added twice / week. Swimmers should have a minimum of one season of competitive swimming experience and be able to swim a 200 IM legally.

Journey: This practice group is for swimmers ages 11-12 that are beginning an exciting journey as the emphasis changes from primarily teaching to a relatively equal balance of technique work and physiological development. Daily practices will consist of increased aerobic conditioning while the technical skills will still be reinforced. Swimmers will continue to develop all four competitive strokes with an emphasis on success in the IM events. We encourage attending 80% of practices offered to maximize time in Journey and establish a strong foundation. Dryland becomes an important part of the practice to help with coordination and athleticism, which will prove valuable in the pool as well. Consistent attendance and participation in practice and meets is valued. 

Challenge: Swimmers ages 10 – 12 will be challenged to reach to new levels in competitive swimming. Swimmers should strive for success at the State and Sectional levels while preparing for long-term success. Swimmers will be held accountable for maintaining technical skills while increasing his/her workload. Daily preparation and focus is for success in 200 IM and 200 / 500 (400) free events. Swimmers should work to improve their USA Swimming IMX score. In addition, swimmers will learn about swimming beyond NCAC and NC Swimming and begin to become a student of the sport of swimming. A higher commitment to swimming is expected for swimmers in the Challenge level. The expectation is swimmers attend 85% of attendance. Other sports are encouraged, but families should work with the coach for optimum schedule to maintain success in the Challenge group. Competition is expected and all swimmers are required to compete at his/her highest level of championship meets. 

Nova: In this practice level, student-athletes ages 13 -14 will build a foundation of good practice habits, technique, and competitive racing skills in a fun yet competitive atmosphere. Daily practices will continue to provide background and build an aerobic base of conditioning as well as introduce the training of the other energy systems needed for success. Swimmers will work on honing his/her skills and developing all aspects of his/her swimming. Swimmers are educated about the top levels of the sport while developing their own talents and nurturing a positive self-esteem. Skills such as time-management, goal setting, and being a good teammate will be part of the curriculum. Each student-athlete will be able to use these skills moving forward in life. Dryland training will be an important part of the Nova practice level. Nova athletes are encouraged to attend 80% of practices and competition is encouraged. 

Dynamo: This practice level is for student-athletes ages 12 – 14 who have shown the commitment and have the appropriate dedication, desire, experience and talent to train and compete at the Sectional level and beyond. The focus of this group is to prepare student- athletes for future success at the highest level of competitive swimming and swimmers should strive for success at the Sectional and National level. Swimmers will be educated on what they should do in and out of the pool to achieve at the highest levels of the sport. Swimmers learn the importance of being a great teammate and how this adds to a positive trainingenvironment. Preparation for the swimmer’s success for the long term will remain the priority.The expectation is swimmers should attend at least 90% of practices offered. Competition will be local, regional, and national. 

Performance Red: The Performance Red group is for high school swimmers that want to stay in shape year-round, and compete in local swim meets. Technique is the primary emphasis of this group and an increase in volume and intensity will be introduced to the athletes during the course of the season. This group will not require morning workouts and has practices offered Monday thru Friday. The focus will be on competitions in the area and possibly state-level competitions with no meet requirements. Athletes are encouraged to attend all practices but there is no practice requirement. This is a perfect group for those swimmers who do multiple sports, and/or have multiple extracurricular activities. Swimmers must be able to swim the four legal strokes.

Performance White: In this level, high school aged student-athletes will have the opportunity to grow and improve their swimming skills for both USA Swimming competitions as well as High School Swimming. Daily practices will continue a focus on technique in all strokes, starts, turns and finishes. While swimmers will continue to build his/her aerobic base, other energy systems will be developed that are important for successful competitive swimming at this level. Swimmers will be challenged to progress in the sport to the highest potential. For optimum improvement consistent attendance and meet participation is vital. The expectation is swimmers attend 70% of practices and are encouraged to attend 100% of practices. Swimmers must have a season ending NCAC championship meet for both the SC and LC season. 

Performance Blue: This practice group is for student athletes who have goals to compete at the National and International level and will be driven to demonstrate the necessary level of commitment and work ethic to achieve these goals on a daily basis. Daily practices will involve challenging each swimmer in all four competitive strokes and distances. The expectation is 100% practice attendance. The skills and conditioning that our student-athletes have worked so hard to develop through their time here at NCAC will be tested and refined through training and competition on the road to competitive success. Being a member of the Performance Blue group means being a leader for all of NCAC. Swimmers in this group should think everyday – “what have I done today to make my teammates better?”

Coach assignments are subject to change due to group size and team needs