NCAC COVID Practice Policies


NCAC Covid Practice Policies - Updated 1/2/22

    NCAC Pool Rules 

A pool deck can be a very dangerous place so you must treat it with respect. Please recognize that the pool deck is both a class room and a workplace and certainly not a playground or day care.  Swimmers are encouraged to be at their scheduled practice 10-15 minutes prior to the start.  In an effort to keep the pool deck safe and structured swimmers should not enter the pool deck more than 15 minutes prior to their practice.  Swimmers are of course welcome to sit in the gallery if they arrive prior. 

1) Absolutely no running on the pool deck, there is water everywhere and can make the deck slippery.

2) No swimmer should ever enter the water without a coach present.

3) Keep your area clean and organized, having towels, equipment, and bags all over the pool deck can cause someone to trip and fall.

4) If you ever need to be excused during a practice to use the restroom or just have to leave early be sure to check with the coach so that we know where everyone is at all times.

5) Parents are certainly welcome to stay and watch practice but you must stay in designated areas (seating gallery) while your child is practicing. This is a must as to not interfere with a practice in session.

6) Our coaches are available following practices and through email and you should communicate any necessary information to your child before practice begins. It is important that the coach can focus all of his/her energy on the group in the water.

7) The diving equipment (dry board, diving boards, mats, and trampoline) is all off limits.

8) Swimmers are welcome to place their gear on the big blue steps but should never go higher than the second step and stay away from the big NC.

9) Horseplay in the locker rooms is strictly forbidden, failure to follow this rule may result in a swimmer’s locker room privileges being revoked.  Our older swimmers should keep in mind that younger athletes will be sharing these facilities and their language and behavior should be a proper NCAC example. 

10) When outside please stay off any landscaping and keep noise to a minimum as UNC Basketball has offices next door.  No child should be outside unattended.  

11) Swimmers should not cross the cross the cross walk unaccompanied.  Please be sure to look both ways before crossing.  Parents are encouraged to utilize the drop off zone when dropping off their swimmers but should never use this area for parking no matter the duration.  Congestion in this area may create a more dangerous environment for our kids.    

12) NCAC is fortunate to have access to such a wonderful facility and please keep in mind while this is our home we are guest of the University of North Carolina Swimming and we need to respect their property by taking care of our pool. A good general rule is to leave your area cleaner than when you found it. If we work together we can keep this facility clean and safe for years to come.

There are also a few rules each group coach will review more specific rules during practice time.

These directions are to be taken seriously and every swimmer and parent should help enforce them as they are in place so that we can provide and safe and healthy practice environment.

The coaching staff will review these rules with the swimmers but please review these rules with your children to ensure everyone is aware.

I thank you in advance for following these rules.