Welcome to The North Carolina Aquatic Club Masters! We are a master's program for swimmers of all abilities who are 18 or older. Swimmers who want to improve overall fitness, develop better technique, are training for a triathlon, swim competitively, or just wants to come and swim laps all have a spot here at NCAM! 

NCAM is a member of the United States Masters Swimming. USMS is a national organization that provides organized workouts, clinics and area competitions. Their main purpose is to promote fitness and health for adults. To register for USMS and to get more information click on the link HERE.

No matter where you are on your fitness and swimming journey, there is a place for you in our program. We have swimmers of all abilities and can offer space for those who are looking to improve fitness or swim laps as well as for those that are training for triathlon and open water races or are more competitively minded.


Interested in a trial practice? Please email Masters Group Lead Coach, Justin Wright

Practice Times


NCAC Master's is currently on break. It is scheduled to resume September 7th.

Fall Schedule: TBD


Monthly Fee

             Full-Time: $60 per month

              One-time per week: $40 per month


Additional Costs:

Note that all NCAM swimmers must be registered with U.S. Masters Swimming. 


How To Join

You can register at our website. You can select either the Full-time option ($60/month) or the part-time 1x per week ($40 /month). If you have any billing questions, please email Keri Cleary.