NCAC Families can  purchase gear with the NCAC Apparel Store via All American 

Click the links below to view the list of equipment your swimmer will need for practice and swim meets for the 2021-2022 swim year:


Please Note that NCAC team suit, blue NCAC team cap and team t-shirt will be required for all swim meets.

New swimmers will be given their first NCAC cap (latex) at the beginning of the year.   Swimmers can get new / replacement caps from the coaching staff.  These caps (Latex $8.00, Silicone Caps $20) will be charged to your Team Unify account.


NCAC Cap/Suit Policy

Caps: In all competitions, if an NCAC athlete wears a swim cap he/she should only wear an official NCAC team cap. 

Caps in practice:  If an athlete wishes to wear a swim cap in practice he/she should wear a NCAC team cap. Latex swim caps are $8 and silicone swim caps are $20 and can be purchased via NCAC. 

Please plan ahead and stock an extra cap in your swim bag. 

Suits:  All NCAC swimmers should wear their official NCAC team suit to all competitions that NCAC participates in. 

Our goal is to present a unified team at all of our competitions and to proudly display our team spirit. 

NCAC team suits can be purchased from our team supplier All American Swim Supply.


Championship Suits (Info from All American)

At meets that our coaching staff defines as a championship meet swimmers may elect to wear a championship suit.  There are a number of specific suits on the market and range greatly in style and cost.  NCAC is proudly sponsored by Speedo and all of our athletes are encouraged to purchase Speedo swim wear.  When making a decision to purchase a championship suit please seek suggestions from our coaching staff.  These suits are not required.

Possible 13&Over Championship Suits:

Speedo LZR Racer Pro
Speedo Fastskin Pure Valor
Speedo Fastskin Pure Intent
Speedo Vanquisher
Speedo LZR Racer Pro Recordbreaker
Speedo Vanquisher
Speedo Fastskin Pure Intent
Speedo Fastskin Pure Valor

11-12 Championship Suit Policy:

Three to four times during the year, swimmers will compete in an ’11-12 approved suit’ This is a tech suit the older swimmers are allowed to wear with a few differences, the main difference is the 11-12 suit has seams. Please make sure the ‘Approved suit’ is the Speedo brand. Parents should be aware these suits cost $150 to $300 dollars. The coaching staff recommends waiting to purchase these suits as your swimmers approach the JO time standards. We also recommend getting fitted at the ‘All American swim Shop’.