NSS swimmers are expected to attend practice on a consistent basis.  There are attendance requirements for the Gold, Pre Senior I, and Senior groups in order to maintain the swimmer’s membership in the group.  The number of practices per week is offered to give the swimmer an appropriate amount of training time within the framework of the entire team, and a consistent attendance is expected to maintain fitness and prevent injury.

If a swimmer must miss more than two practices due to school, family, or other conflict, please let your coach know your situation by phone or e-mail. Swimmers with a communicable disease should not attend practice. If the swimmer has an injury or problem that may affect his or her swimming, please communicate this information to the Coach.

Changes in the practice schedule will be sent to you by e-mail and will be posted on the website. Coaches will also text a change to the parent and/or athlete if possible.  Sometimes this information comes at the last minute (pool closings, unexpected conflicts at pools, or changes in location), so try to check the website and your e-mail on a daily basis, particularly if weather is iffy.  Please be sure that your coach has your correct e-mail address and cell phone number and that your e-mail address is correct in your Account Info on the website.

Holiday schedules will be posted as soon as they are determined by the Coach.