Meet Participation

An email will be sent to each swimmer several weeks before each swim meet detailing information regarding the meet and asking for a reply by a specific date confirming that your swimmer WILL or WILL NOT attend the meet.  To commit or decline to attend a meet, log in to the website, look under Meets & Events, and check Attend Event or Commit to Event.  From there, you can indicate whether or not you will be attending the meet and which days you will be attending.  Coaches will assume you will be attending all sessions of a meet unless you tell them otherwise.  If you believe you have missed a signup deadline, email your coach ASAP.  Meets and competing are an important part of the program - make every effort to attend every meet that your child is eligible for!  Mark your calendars at the beginning of the season for every meet!  If you aren't sure which meets your child should/will attend, email your coach.

Meet Entries

The Coach will determine the swim meet events that each swimmer will swim at a swim meet.  The swimmer’s swim meet entries will be posted on the website.  Click "Attend Event" under the meet name, and you will see a list of events with red checks next to them - those are the events the swimmer is entered in.  The Coach will announce when the entries are posted and each swimmer is required to review the entries at least one week before a meet, and questions should be promptly addressed with the Coach.