Volunteering is a key element of New South Swimming. Typically, NSS sponsors two meets, one during the short course season and one during the long course season.  Hosting swim meets is the primary means of fundraising by the team - we do not run any other fundraisers during the year.  Funds raised are used to offset costs associated with pool rental, travel expenses for coaches, equipment and administrative expenses; without these funds, your fees would be significantly higher! 

The team depends on its parents for the success of these meets. We are a small team and everyone’s help is essential to our meets. Parents are expected to make donations to hospitality (where coaches and officials are fed during the meet) AND volunteer to help run these two meets.

Sponsoring a meet requires work to be done in preparing for the meet as well as work to be done during the meet. It takes everyone to make a meet successful. Examples of volunteer opportunities before and during a NSS sponsored meet include but are not limited to: head timer, lane timers, marketing, hospitality, donations of food and drinks for hospitality, heat sheet sales, ad sales for the heat sheet, concession stand management and workers, clerk of course, solicitation of corporate sponsorships, and computer operators.

Want to help?  If we are hosting a meet, be sure to sign up to help on the Event Page (this includes our December meet and our May meet - we want your help even if your child isn't competing in the meet).  Want to help throughout the year, or just want to talk to someone about volunteer opportunities or ideas?  Of course, you can always talk to the coaches.