Sharks Alumni Practice 

Former SAC swimmers who are currently in college are welcome to visit practices during their college breaks and holidays.  This invitation is extended to all previous SAC swimmers, in good standing and with the SAC board and/or head coach’s approval, to swim with the team or in adjacent lanes.  This participation is not to conflict with scheduled practices, but to share swimming as a lifelong activity with our current swimmers.

The SAC Alumni practice is available for short duration visits, normally less than two weeks.  Should a SAC Alumni wish to practice for an entire season (i.e. summer break), they should join the SAC Summer Swimmers.  This Summer program includes a USAS Seasonal Registration (not to exceed 150 days) and allows participants to compete in any meet lower than a zone, sectional, or national competition.  Cost of the program is $150.00 and includes seasonal membership in USA Swimming.

Visiting college SAC alumni are required to be registered members of USA Swimming and must sign a waiver before participation.  A copy of the waiver can be downloaded here.

To register for alumni practice, please contact the head coach (t[email protected]) for approval.  Once approved, ensure you print and complete the waiver.  Bring the waiver with you to practice. 

Note:  You must be approved by the board and/or the head coach, and the completed and signed waiver must be given to the head coach prior to any participation.