Training Groups Progression

The SMAC Stroke School is the our introductory group and is appropriate for ages 4-7.  This group practices twice a week in 30-minute practices. The SMAC Stroke School is for beginners to competitive swimming.  Swimmers will learn basics: back floats, front floats, flutter kick, streamline, over water recovery, rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, jumping in, climbing out, and diving.  After graduating from Stroke School swimmers may join the Local SMAC Group.

Local SMAC is our developmental level for competitive swimmers and while we will have older athletes in the Local Group, it's most appropriate for ages 5-12.  Swimmers can swim freestyle and backstroke and are in the process of learning breaststroke and butterfly. This group has four one hour practices a week to choose from. Athletes compete locally in inter-squad meets, learn what it means to be a part of team, how to work with other swimmers in the lane, and take part in the lifestyle of a competitive swimmer.  Before moving up to Travel SMAC, Local group athletes will need to be to able to perform the following sets before being eligible to join the next training group, Travel SMAC:

(10 x 50 freestyle @ 1:00) (12 x 25 Stroke :40) (4 x 100 freestyle 2:00) (4 x 100 IM 2:20)

Travel SMAC is where our swimmers take practice and competition to the next level.  Ages 8-18, swimmers are practicing 4-6 practices a week and maintaining a consistent practice schedule.  This group practices Monday-Saturday and are expected to attend Local and regionals competitions throughout NC and neighboring states.  The goal of this group is to achieve USA Time Standards, and work to qualify for state-level competitions. Swimmers will need to qualify for championships in at least one event in order to be eligible for the next group, as well as perform the following sets before moving up to Performance SMAC:

(10 x 50 freestyle @ :45) (12 x 25 Stroke @ :30) (10 x 100 freestyle @ 1:20) (10 x 100 IM  @ 1:40)

The High Performance Group is our open to our highest achieving swimmers.  This group maintains Championship caliber swimming and strives for success at the highest level.  Athletes in this group practice six to eight times a week and compete at every level of competition for which they qualify. The High Performance group has practices Monday-Saturday, as well as morning practices Tuesday and Thursday.  These swimmers are our culture creators, our role models and our leaders. The group swims the hardest, swims the most and does it all with a smile on their face because they understand they are part of something greater than themselves. The High Performance Group is our Championship Team, State Qualifiers, Sectional Qualifiers, Zone Qualifiers, National Qualifiers, and one day Olympic Trial Qualifiers.