Welcome to STAR Aquatics

Redefining Swimming in the Triad

We are glad that you are considering STAR Aquatics as the program for your swimmer(s) this season. At STAR, we strive to help individuals reach their potential in life through the sport of swimming while providing options for swimmers of all abilities and commitment levels. We would be glad to meet or talk with you to determine the right group for you and answer any questions that you may have.   For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Jay Dodson at (336) 337-0169.

Our Mission

Star Aquatics exists solely for the benefit of the swimmer. Our goal is to help individuals reach their full potential in life through swimming, sportsmanship, and team involvement in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to develop the person within the athlete.

Questions? Contact STAR at 336-337-0169

STAR Aquatics is structured to provide an affordable swimming option for swimmers of all levels.  We have fixed rates for our groups designed around more competitive swimmers, which allow them to come as often as possible within their group structure. For newer swimmers or those who like to participate in other sports and activities, our variable rates are based on the number of days a week a swimmer plans to swim.  For these groups you have the flexibility to adjust your days as needed based on changes in your schedule.


Groups with Fixed Prices

These groups are geared toward experienced swimmers who are competitive in all four (4) strokes.  Practices are held at the Greensboro Aquatic Center


Group Age Description Monthly Fee
Junior 2 11-13 years Year-round swimmer committing to 4-6 practices per week $210
Senior 2 13+ years Year-round swimmer committing to 6+ practices per week $235
    Junior & Senior 2 Swimmer Pricing includes Parisi Strength Training on Tuesday & Thursday.  


Groups with Variable Prices based on # of Practices Per Week:


These groups are geared toward younger swimmers and swimmers who want to swim year round but have limited time to practice and compete due to other sports and activities.  These swimmers focus on improving stroke technique and conditioning, compete as desired at the appropriate level and have the flexibility to participate in other events.

Rising STARs (4-7yrs), Super Novas (5-10yrs), Solar Flares (7-10yrs), SwimFit (11+ Yrs), Junior 1 (11-13yrs), Senior 1 (13-19yrs)

Practices per week Greensboro Aquatic Center Reeves Community Center Wesleyan
1 $70 $70 $60
2 $95 $85 $85
3 $120 $98 $100
4 $135 $120 $115
5 $150 $145 $135

**Annual Registration Fee for Competitive Swimmers - $100 (Includes – STAR Cap, Car Magnet, Team Shirt & Insurance).  Once registered with STAR, you have the option to register with USA Swimming and will pay them directly (Premium - $78 and Flex $40).  Flex Membership is only an option for 12 & Under swimmers and allows them to compete in only two (2) meets below the LSC Championship level.  You must have a USA Swimming Membership to compete in meets.

**Annual Registration Fee for Seasonal Swimmers - $65 (Includes – STAR Cap, Car Magnet, Team Shirt & Insurance).  These swimmers are not eligible for meets unless they decide to upgrade and register with USA Swimming.

**Outreach Registration Fee – $35 (Available to anyone with Free or Reduced Lunch and Includes – STAR Cap, Car Magnet, Team Shirt & Insurance)

**Discounts – To help offset the cost for larger families, STAR offers a 10% discount on the monthly fee for each additional swimmer after the first in each family and 4th swimmer’s monthly dues are FREE!