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August Clinics: What we teach

Swimming properly is based on the four foundations of swimming, which are: Breathing, kicking, pulling water, and the timed coordination of these skills. These are taught so that a swimmer can properly support their body in the water, especially in emergency situations. Often if a student is taught incorrectly, this will lead to “thrashing,” which in most situations will not help the swimmer.

We focus on building skills and endurance.

Our instructors are friendly, enthusiastic teachers with extensive swim backgrounds. 

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We will be offering some swim clinics during the first 3 weeks of August. 

Will the camps be beneficial?
Yes – if you consider joining the year round swim team. 
Yes – if you want to continue to participate in a sport that your child enjoys.
Yes – if you want your child to continue to build strength and endurance in swimming.

The clinics will be a mix of technique drill work, rules for USA Swimming and some endurance.  

The days / dates of the clinics will be:  
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.
Week 1 = August 1 - 5
Week 2 = August  8 - 12
Week 3 = August 15 - 19

Times (if you fall into these categories):
*8a - 8:50a = Group 1 / “Beginner” 
if your Summer League practice lanes 1 & 2

*9a - 9:50a = Group 2 / “Intermediate”
if your Summer League practice lanes are 3 & 5 or SSS Club DEV groups.

*10a = 10:50a = Group 3 / “Advanced” –
Summer League practice lane #4 or SSS Club AG and up

Why these groupings? 
A - Since there is a limited time, we want the coaches to be able to deliver the information and keep the groups moving.    
B – Swimmer knowledge (earlier groups will need a little more ‘back story’ on some of the drills / understanding of body balance).  
Whereas several of club swimmers have heard that information and know specifics of drills and can move to advanced skills / drills.

1 Week only = $60
2 Weeks (any 2) = $110
All 3 weeks = $160

Clinics are open to all swimmers.  So if you have friends at other summer league teams, you can invite them.   There will be limited spaces. 

*NOTES:  Participants need to be able to swim.  These are not swim lessons.  
Participants need to be there to learn the drills, skills and rules for swim team. 
Swimmers who continually bounce off the bottom or hold walls or ladders are encouraged to enroll in private lessons.

How to register – click the link below:
Registration =

The main set up is done by weeks attending.  Your options will be:
1 = One week only
2 = Two weeks (week #1  & week #2 // 1 & 3 // 2 & 3)j
3 = All 3 weeks

NOTES: If you are attending 2 weeks there are a couple of options for you to select:
Item 4 – Week #1 and week #2
Item 5 – Week #1 and Week #3
Item 6 – Week #2 and Week #3

If you are registering for 3 or more swimmers, you MUST do swimmers # 1 and 2 first, then check out and pay.   THEN (in a clear shopping cart) do swimmers #3 and more after.  Swimmers 3 and up CANNOT be in the same shopping cart as swimmers #1 & 2.

I know it sounds cumbersome but – it’s easier than having to set up / select from over 60 different options (right now there are only 22).

KEY NOTES in the process:

Swimmers #1 & #2 Instructions

*Determine which number of weeks you’re going to attend (1, 2 or 3)
*Use the SESSION FILTER – which weeks (dates) you plan on attending
*Use the CLASS FILTER to select your swimmer’s level
******(as identified on the above and on the page above the filters).    
****Please select the correct level based on your swimmer’s practice lanes / ability. 
****Coaches will remove swimmers who are improperly registered. 

*Swimmers #1 & #2 = follow the prompts as listed UNTIL you click to pay.

*DO nothing on this page.   Continue to checkout.

*Pay for the swimmers (# 1 & #2). . . If you have 3 or more swimmers continue reading below after you have completed the process for the first 2 swimmers.

Swimmer #3 and up – email Coach Scott