Scott Gainey

Swimmers should wear shoes on deck while at the Town of Southern Pines pool. On Thursday evening, Coach Scott noticed 2 wasp nests at the Town pool. One over the women's bathroom door and one over the paper towel dispenser. Once the pool was closed and deck cleared, Coach Scott sprayed the nests. After spraying the nests, several of the wasps fell to the deck by the bathroom doors. Coach Scott swept up the dead wasps, but noticed there were still some swarming about. Anticipating they will also succumb to...

Scott Gainey

Thank you to the men and women who served our country. Please remember today is not the only day to reflect or show appreciation for those who serve. It is a reminder to continue to express our gratitude. Thank you to those who ran toward the chaos. Thank you to those who laid down their lives for millions of people they would never meet. Thank you for the sacrifice that allows scores of generations to celebrate freedom.

Marie Cummings

The Board of The Sandhills Sandsharks, welcomes Scott Gainey as the new Head Coach. We are extremely pleased to have him join our program starting June 10. Coach Scott’s 25+ year coaching career has carried him to some of the following top 20 level swim teams such as: *Irvine Novaquatics (California) *Longhorn Aquatics (Texas) *Nitro Swimming (Texas) By creating buy-in and encouraging ownership of training, Coach Scott’s swimmers have progressed from BB level to Junior Nationals. Many swimmers of his programs have become High School Regional Champions, LSC Champions, Sectional...