Website issue/Important info!

susanne cooper
Apr 13, 2019

We are on vacation til Tues, the 23rd!

TeamUnify did an update, which is making the website not show up...TU has had that the cache (part of history in your browser) needs to be cleared.  It worked for me.  It is not a great solution--I am hoping they are working on another fix!!

Thank you to everyone who helped clear out the dome! It will be down by the time you return.

In following best practices for youth sports (and especially YR sports), we have been taking it easy for the last couple of weeks with Spirit Week and lighter, fun practices, as we are between short course and long courses seasons.  This third week will ensure our kids' bodies and minds are rested and ready to resume practice as we move into long course season.  At least 2 big breaks per year are recommended by many experts--and we know it makes a huge difference for our kids and is an important, integral part of their training in the 11-month competitive swimming cycle.  Enjoy your week off!!

Finally, there will be parent meetings following break--both Harry and I would like to keep our parents in the loop as to where we are in the season, how Open Water works, and what to expect in the months ahead.  It will be a great time to ask questions as well.

Things to know:

Flex swim runs through May 31.  Flex swimmers who want to do summer league can join summer league for $90 (registration through the lessons/aquatics button beneath the slide show.

AG 3 swimmers (9-month contract) end their contract when public school is out (June 7).  They can join summer league for $90 as well.

Both Flex and AG 3 swimmers can continue to compete in Long Course meets through out the summer (in addition to summer league meets).

AG 2, AG 1, Pre 2, Pre 1, and SR squads (11 month contracts) don't need to do anything--summer league and practices are included through early August, when the swim year ends.

The final bill for those on 4 & 8 installment plans for dues is May 1, at which point you are paid up for the year!