Banquet May 19 at Campbell House/Train House; Psych Sheet; OW info and requirements

susanne cooper
May 5, 2019

The Banquet is rescheduled for the 19th at the Train House located at Campbell House, 482 E Connecticut Ave, SP.

The Board will provide all snacks and drinks.

We deeply appologize for yesterday's confusion and any inconvenience--the weather report kept throwing up for a loop.

Please take a few minutes to read the attached Open Water docs.  The day is great for all of our swimmers; commitment is through the meets page, as is information on specific volunteer jobs.  All YR parents (not Flex, though we would love to have you!) are required to sign up to volunteer, as we cannot run a safe meet without you.

We also will discuss it at the end of the banquet.

Right now, we do need to wrap up sponsorships--any sponsorships brought in count toward YR family fundraising commitments.

Psych Sheet Mother May I

OW Parent info

NC Open Water Champs Sponsor letter

Sandshark By the Numbers