COVID 19 Information and Waiver for all SSS activities

susanne cooper

Participation Waiver  to be completed by every swimmer/parent and turned in prior to participation in any SSS event.

Re Opening Plan

As we enter Phase 2, SSS will run swim practices and swim lessons in accordance with social distancing guidelines.  Coaches will spread swimmers out in lanes based on recommendations from USA Swimming and in accordance with square foot/swimmer guidelines from the State.

Parents are not permitted inside the pool area and may watch from outside the fence for swim practice; some lessons parents may be inside, based on pool deck numbers.

Swimmers 12/over are encouraged to wear masks to and from the pool. All swimmers will have their temperatures taken before entering the pool area.

Swimmers should come in their suits and be prepared to get in the water quickly...cones are spaced around the deck to mark where they can stand.

No changing/showering in the locker rooms.

We ask parents to be prompt with picking up their swimmers at the end of practice.